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Book reviews


Title : “DYING TO BE ME”.

Author : Anita moorjani 

Publication : Hay house publishers India pvt Ltd.. , 2012.

Overview :

Anita explains her journey of life from her childhood to near death experience till how she ended up writing this book. 

Plot :

As it was Anita’s own experience the true essence of the story was natural and the way she explains her childhood life gives a clear vision of Hongkong in it’s 1960’s. 

Her love life was short and precise yet beautifully written. 

Anita developed fear of cancer after seeing her friend and brother-in-law’s cancer struggle and finally she was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma stage 2A her fear got a life now, after 4 years she got worsen and couldn’t breathe without support then she went into coma and finally her soul was fighting for the realm she was in a position to decide whether to stay or move away.. She made a wise decision and her NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCE went viral when she shared in a website and then she got a chance to speak about it in various platforms and finally she had a chance to write this book.. 

It is more repetitive and a little dragging which makes it move slowly.

Rating : 3.5 / 5

Even though I liked it , the reason is because it’s not an easy or simple to understand a kind of book but the author had given her best.
It’s a good motivational / inspirational book which every person who is fighting against cancer or life should read this. 

Favorite quotes from “dying to be me” :-

1) The only purpose of life : to be ourself, live our truth, and be the love that we are. 

2) it’s not important whether I’m having a bad day or a bad week. It’s more important how I’m feeling about myself while I’m facing this day or week.